New brand SaltyGirl Beauty recently launched its line of cosmetics. Founded by sisters Sarah Kelly, a breast cancer survivor, and Leah Robert, an oncology nurse, SaltyGirl Beauty offers women a beauty product line using certified organic and natural ingredients.

“After losing my hair during cancer treatment, I felt like I’d lost a part of what made me feel beautiful,” said Kelly. “I ended up turning to my favorite lipstick and scarf to help me reclaim my confidence during that tough time. Our goal with SaltyGirl Beauty is to create products that allow women to feel beautiful and confident without compromise.”

Sarah and Leah in 2015 when Sarah was in treatment.

The SaltyGirl cosmetics line includes lipsticks, foundations, concealers, mascaras and multi-sticks. Each colored product in the line was named after women who demonstrates strength, sass, and beauty, the pillars of what makes a ‘SaltyGirl’. The brand launch is also accompanied by a new e-commerce website.

“I am so pleased to be able to refer my patients to a product line that enhances their natural beauty without posing health risks. I am thrilled as well to introduce these healthy lifestyle products to my friends. These products are a joy to use for both individuals going through cancer care, as well as those just wanting to enhance their overall heath,” said Dr. Tracey F. Weisberg, president of the New England Cancer Specialists Center.

A natural beauty line is one thing, but a product line with an inspiring story behind it reminds women of the reason that SaltyGirl came to be in the first place. Yet, the inspiration does not stop there. The sisters created non-profit organization “Foundation4Love,” meant to help patients disconnect from their illness and connect with their loved ones. Ten percent of all SaltyGirl proceeds support Foundation4Love. Next time someone purchases a SaltyGirl product, they will know that they are giving back to the beauty line that brought their confidence back.

Photo Courtesy of SaltyGirl Beauty